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The Masters Apron


(The Masters Apron)

The Masters apron is an idea of several ideas, being in the Masons now for almost 20yrs and making aprons for other Brothers to enjoy, I thought that I would create a one of a kind apron for myself. This apron is genuine leather, it has just enough embroidery to make it look great and not be to gauldy looking. The back of the apron is just amazing the pictures just don't do it justice. The front flap has my home lodge Dalton Lodge over the all seeing eye and under the bottom ray there is the number 105. The end rays have F& and then AM

At this point this is the only apron in the world like it, there are some similar I guess, but then again making them handmade they are all a special one of a kind aprons.

I will say this most companies that do embroidery work will charge 1.00 per thousand stitches, that being said the embroidery alone would cost $75.00 lol... yes its that detailed.

Im undecided if I will be selling these I just wanted to post the creation that I have made for myself to wear to let you see. but then again why have something that someone else could enjoy as well.

If your interested in owning your very own Masters Apron contact me and we'll go from there.

Fraternally Brother William