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To Answer A Few Questions: When you purchase an apron, Paypal sends me notification of payment received, by email and by phone, I then print out the order and put it in line to be made. Depending on work load it usually takes about 5-7 days to make the apron. Then I print out a shipping label at which Paypal will email you a tracking number. I ship everything United States Postal Priority Mail 2-3 days in transit depending upon your location. PLEASE Note: Sometimes I print out the shipping labels early please do not be alarmed if you receive an email and 3-5 days later your package has not arrived. If there is any problems however with a package that has not arrived after a reasonable amount of time, Please contact me so I can see whats happening. I/We do appreciate all of your support and business and want to personally thank each of you for your continued business. Fraternally Brother Ellis

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Answer: No. They can pay with their credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) — all without having a PayPal account

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About our aprons.


My wife and I started out one day in her sewing room to make an apron, a masonic apron for myself. After being in the Masons for 17 years and seeing some of the aprons that were being sold, not to mention the prices, I decided that I would like to make my own. After finishing the apron and wearing it to several lodge meetings and getting good reviews about the quality and workmanship of the apron, we decided to share them with other Brothers who may want a good quality handmade apron.

Therefore, Brotherhood Aprons was born.

We are not a big business with hundreds of employees, my wife and I handle every apron that is made.

I do the embroidery and she does the sewing... (lol I like my fingers). In doing this we can guarantee that the apron you order will be made of good quality material and precise sewing.

We mainly make them as they sell. I believe that for the quality and price, they will be hard to beat, and that's on the Level Brother.

The aprons that we make are of standard size which are 16" wide and 14" tall. Should you need a different size it is no problem, just let us know. 

The Materials we use are 100% Cotton Canvas Duck Cloth Doubled (2 layers),  Leather, Heavy Duty Polyester Satin (3-Ply), 1.5" Nylon Web Belt All Metal adjuster and fastener. (We use the grosgrain 1.5" around apron and 1" around the flap)  The listing will have the material used for the apron shown.

My Motto:
These are made by a Brother for the Brother's
Thank You So Much For Stopping By.
Fraternally William Ellis
Dalton Lodge #105 F& AM
2nd & 4th Mondays @7:30pm

The official ritual book of the Ascendant Council of the Antient Arcane Antediluvian Rite containing the first three Journeys of the Rite. By Brian Sanchez click on book to the left.

If your Lodge is looking for a really nice Stairway Lecture click on link to the left. Also if you need an apron case and other misc Masonic items, You can visit Dean & Associates by clicking on the apron case.



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